We have been given partial legal advice

We haven’t received the full advice today, but we have been given a briefing with significant hints on where the lawyer thinks we will need to go, legally. The good news is that this will be something that can benefit all creditors. And it may not require any direct commitment to a success fee. We have to wait a further two weeks for the lawyer to do more work on this before he can confirm this plan, and he is ready to act.

As there will be some decisions that need to be made which could affect all creditors, we are looking at creating a voting system which is open to everyone, but to prevent spurious voters I am investigating how we can verify creditors without holding their identity data, while giving them voting rights. If this is feasible, it means we will be able to open the group to all creditors for free.

In the meantime I am re-opening contributions on the same terms as before. We welcome the financial contributions which may be needed for this unconfirmed plan, but as it may not be essential we if $100 is too steep for you, you may choose to wait a few weeks to see if entry becomes free.