New Terms – Updated 22/Nov/17

What are you paying for?

You are essentially donating to a fund for legal action.

We’ve already raised the full amount needed to pay the lawyer to research, and proceed to the next step.

Everyone has already put in ~$100 (actually £85), and rather than close the group when we reached the target for the lawyers fee, we’ve decided to keep it open so other’s can join us.

The money we raised since then will be used to further the group’s aims. We’ve already put some of the surplus towards creating a part-time role for an administrator and voted Andy in to the job. We have volunteer IT teams, Data & Analysis teams, and a bookkeeper. We’ve created a governance board elected by the group to oversee all these activities. We’re also reaching out to support other legal actions that further our aim of fairer distribution.

How are we paying this?

Everyone chips in £85 (~$100) using this online payment system.

We haven’t had enough demand to create a bitcoin payment system. If you’re ready to pay with BTC please request it at [email protected]om. But we need 12 people to make it worthwhile and so far only 3 have asked.

If you don’t have a card and are really desperate to pay another way, you can contact the administrator and arrange to contribute by Paypal.


Making a donation to join the group is currently our only way to verify people who want to join are Mt Gox Creditors. It’s crude, and it’s a barrier to entry, so it’s not an ideal solution. We’re working on a verification solution. In the near future conditions for entering the group may change.

You can now contribute here.