We’re asking creditors to contribute to a fund for legal activities.

We have hired a lawyer from one of Japan’s big-four firms. We are instructing him to prepare a case to present to the Court appointed Examiner, to approve CR.

We also have an administration with an elected part-time paid administrator, IT, Data & Analysis, and Bookkeeping volunteers, numbering about 10. We are setting up a Governance Board to oversee all activities, and we will use the fund for projects that further our aims of seeking a fair distribution.

We’re now fundraising further. Read why. If you are already a contributing member you can donate to further legal fees, use the link below. A suggested guide is $2 (£1.50) per Bitcoin of your claim.


If you aren’t a member, join us by contributing an equal share of $100 (£85) to the fund. In return you’ll get access to the forum. Understand fully what you’re contributing towards before you do.

Please use the email address you’d like updates to be sent to.

(I have to collect this in GB£ to avoid converting it twice. I know that’s inefficient for people from the US, but I have no choice. Sorry. £85 ~ $100)

(No more paypal? Read why)

(No Crypto? We looked at it, and sorry but this is not practical at this time.)