This site is for all creditors of the MtGox bankruptcy proceedings. We’re coordinating legal action to stop more than $5 billion surplus going to the people responsible for the exchange when it was hacked, and instead, have it shared among creditors who were victims of crime. This is a grass roots creditor co-operative, not a commercial venture. This, and adjacent resources, like the member’s forum, and the wiki are created by members, for members.


We are currently over 1,000 creditors. Each has contributed $100. We represent an estimated claim size of over 150K BTC, making us one of the largest body of creditors. We’ve hired a lawyer from a top-4 Japanese law firm. We have a team of volunteers who help in different ways. And we are growing. If you are a MtGox creditor, please join us to share the costs and the advice of our lawyer.


In 2017 the price of BTC climbed so high, the MtGox estate had more assets than liabilities. To prevent the surplus going to the people who ran the exchange at the time, we’ve pushed the Bankruptcy into Civil Rehabilitiation. But now things are being held up by other claims.

There’s no clarity on when this will be resolved but we’re working on making it happen as fast as possible.

The legal work costs money and this website is to coordinate that fundraising and share information that comes from our lawyers.

The priorities for the legal challenge are:

  • Obtain a distribution which allows creditors to benefit fully from excess value created by the asset they were invested in at the time of bankruptcy.
  • Prompt a timely distribution as assets become available.
  • Ascertain which assets can be recovered from BTC-e seizure in the US.
  • Foster a better communication channel with the trustee.

Please note: The advice and legal understanding on this public website is opinion, and does not constitute legal advice.

Data usage

We don’t need your ID or any claim details. The only information we need from you is an email address to create a forum account for you. Many people have created new email addresses to use just for this purpose in order to protect their anonymity. Forum IDs are pseudonymous.