Fundraiser : Inquire The Trustee

Per the result of our vote, we will be running a fundraiser to inquire the trustee of the current distribution situation.

Please follow the instructions below to contribute.

Ways to donate

1. Card payment.

Payment form 1 (might not work with some EU cards):

Mt.Gox Legal

Legal fee donation


Payment form 2 : If the payment form 1 does not work for you, please try the option below which is updated to work with cards issued in the EU, following PSD2, a security protocol mandated by Stripe):


2. Direct wire transfer in USD (SWIFT), EUR (SEPA/SWIFT), GBP or AUD. If you wish to use this option, please email support (at) mtgoxlegal (dot) com and we will respond with account details.

Thank you for your contributions.