Currently the open and unverified Google Group has ~1000 (unverified) creditors, with a estimated claim value worth over 100,000BTC. The forum has 800~ members (worth 60,000~BTC) who have contributed in order to share legal costs, advice and eventually representation.

In total Mt.Gox has ~25,000 creditors and liabilities of around 750,000BTC so we represent a sizeable portion, and this is what makes us relatively powerful.


I’m Andy Pag, a bitcoin creditor in the Mt.Gox bankruptcy proceedings. Along with help from others, I started this effort and have now been elected to be its administrator. Before you send a stranger money you’ll want to do your due diligence on me. You can read more about me here: or search for “Andy Pag” on LinkedIn, social media and Google. I will tweet about this website when it’s live so you can confirm I am who I say I am. You can find my Twitter handle on google. It’s @andybutshorter.


It’s best to post questions to the forum for discussion on legal aspects of this case. Alternatively email us at [email protected].


There’s a team of volunteers behind this. A TEAM. They are awesome.