Update 4/Nov/17 – Board of Governance Elected

This week we have elected a Governance Board to oversee the administration of the group. Their role is to act as a sounding board for me, and to provide advice, as well as acting as a check and balance. They also have the power to replace me if necessary.

Their forum names are yyy, anders and Matt_s. Their full identities and their professional experience is visible on the forum. It includes, bookkeeping, business management, and bankruptcy recovery via litigation. I’m personally really excited to have such a well skilled team to support what we’re doing.

The group has continued to grow slowly and steadily this week. We now have over 400 contributors on the forum, and over 700 in the google group. I have to admit I’ve been neglecting the google group slightly this week, so apologies for that.

Our laywer, Sekido-sensei is due to report back to us on Tuesday, with his legal advice. He may suggest a single course of action, or a choice of action, which will require us to decide what to do. My feeling is that we should try to make any decisions as promptly as possible so forum members should make a plan to check in on Tuesday to see if there’s a vote to be taken.

I’ve been circumspect about if or how the Mtgoxlegal group might change after the advice is shared with us. We might be able to open the group to all-comers free of charge, we might continue on this contribution basis, or we might have to close the group off to any more members. I’ve been purposefully circumspect because while I personally hope we can open it up, the decision will depend on the advice we receive and the decision the group take based on it. The Google Group will continue to be open to all comers, and I promise I will try to be more active (rather than just reactive) on the Google Group in the coming week.