Legal approaches – 9 Oct 17

Here are my notes from the legal approaches suggested by members of the google group [email protected] which I will raise with our lawyer. They are in no particular order.

  1. Bringing Mt Gox out of insolvency and into a Trust owned by creditors, either through legal action or purchasing.
  2. The validity of accepting a valuation of claims, online
  3. Trading fees as fraud given the partial solvency of Mt Gox – grounds for claims against shareholders.
  4. Direct appeal against Trustee’s decision to the Tokyo court
  5. Delay damages which reflect the valuation of BTC at time of distribution.
  6. BTC as assets which belong to creditors not Mt Gox
  7. Law suits/Bankruptcy claims against shareholder

In the end we will be guided by the lawyers advice, and take action accordingly, but I will ask for feedback on these approaches to satisfy the curiosity of creditors.

If you have more suggestions, or if I’ve overlooked yours, please submit them on the google group.