Fundraising – Feb 2019

Six months ago I asked you for money to fund Mt Gox Legal up to the point of CR being confirmed and you generously delivered.

Since then the Trustee has extended the deadline by two months, and we need funding to cover that extra time.

The priorities I and the Governance Board are working on are:
– Dialogue with the Trustee to ensure our CR priorities are included in the CR Plan. CR-plan-outline-July-17.pdf
– Objection to self admission claims, which could reduce our payout by 10-20%
– Monitoring the CoinLab claim, which could delay our payout.
– Liaising with other MHM clients and assessing threats and opportunities of 3rd Party involvement in the process, for instance:
– Investigating possible recoveries from Russia.

We need a further £25,000 to remain active until the CR plan is submitted to the court, and that’s our primary target. But we may also need funds after that too; if the trustee delays again due to CoinLab’s claim, if we need funds to pursue action against CoinLab, or for outreach to make sure creditors are aware of the vote to finalise the CR plan. I don’t want to end up with unneeded funds, but I also don’t want to ask you for money again in two months time, so I’m leaving the choice to you.

I’m asking everyone, to donate what they can to help reach our primary target. Based on previous fundraisers and how things have changed since then, I’m suggesting a donation of £1-2 per bitcoin in your claims. £1 will get us to the target. £2 will see us funded for future needs beyond the CR vote, so we should be able to delay and hopefully avoid further fundraisers.

Here’s how to donate:

Fiat: with a card as a one off payment or in installments. If you are donating more than £500 you can make your donation go further by avoiding card fees – just contact me for our bank details.

(Bank payments are disabled until further notice.)

Alternatively you can deposit crypto (see below for instructions).

A one off payment

(Card payments are disabled until further notice.)

BTC : bc1qw4nhd7akrr305r7tkfk6l8sqd2dx3jlmga3h7l

BCH : qrkgn7w9eyeey6xrqxqkr088uslppuayygjauavlfp

LTC : ltc1qefckcxfrk2lfev0zf5j5c7f9p4kv5rz8rtfpt4

ETH : 0x6498B1D472f9C82EA598F61f7f9DBE2AcB7b0540

If you aren’t yet a member of Mt Gox Legal and want access to the forum, you will need to join by using the contribution button on the right side of this page to contribute $100.