Missed the filing deadline?

UPDATED: 8/12/18
If you missed the deadline to file your claim, there may be three options which might benefit you.
Firstly: It seems that people who managed to log in to the claim filing system before the deadline, but didn’t file a claim are being given a further month to file online.
Secondly: If you log in to Mt Gox Legal’s forum there is some new advice there which may be helpful. It was paid for by contributions of group members, so in fairness to them, I’m only sharing it in the forum for members that have contributed.
Finally: If you didn’t log in to the online system and your offline claim wasn’t received in time, or wasn’t sent, then there MAY be a way for you to file a claim through self-admission aka “Zombie claims”. This is likely to be time limited and you should act urgently.
Background to SA claims:
The trustee is creating a self-admission claim for every customer entry on the mt gox database. So if you didn’t file a claim in time you might be able to register ownership of the self-admission claim the trustee made for your mt gox account. You wll have to take legal advice on how to do this and I would assume it’s likely to involve some legal fees for representation. Unfortunately I don’t yet know what the process is, but our lawyer will be looking into how Self Admission claims will work.
We (Mt Gox Legal) are planning to object to self-admission claims. This is because we believe the vast majority will never be registered by their owners, and in those cases the money/btc will be given to the Japanese government. We want that money/btc to be shared out among creditors which is why we’re objecting to them. Obviously, it’s not our intention to object to creditors who want to claim the money they lost, we only want to object to claims the Japanese government will hoover up. So if you are going to attempt to register ownership of your self-admission claim, then please let Mt Gox Legal know.
By letting us know about your intention to file a zombie claim I can ask our lawyer if he can withhold our objection to your claim when he objects to them all. If it’s possible for them to do this, it means you won’t need to file a petition for assessment to the court against gainst our objection, and it means our objection to the other self-admission claims will be more effective.
Our lawyer cannot file the ownership request for you, but if you intend to file for ownership of an SA claim, please let me know. [email protected].
About Us:
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If you filed on time, and think it’s unfair that those who didn’t make the deadline get a second chance: you should understand that by withholding objections to claimants that are requesting ownership of their Zombie-claim, our objection to the bulk of zombie claims going to the Japanese government may be more effective.