We are now fundraising for legal fees to cover the final stage of securing a CR plan.

Making a donation is entirely voluntary but I belive highly necessary to protect our interests.

To hit our target, I recommend everyone in the group donates £1/BTC in their claim (minimum £10 GBP).

You can do this with a card, in one installment, or in six monthly installments. Alternatively you can deposit crypto.

A one off payment



BTC: 1MNmbCurt2GFhuqgX3PaTpgtHFkFcKsATN

XMR: 4Aeiq35o9FKD8f7Xu87NewLqQu5nPBpG1Xmc8YQxGL8tKawouEdJHxpf91zk6x1zr3bZUqqbEmtqqKZaVjDLNHmtQvfbsHZ

BCH: bitcoincash:qryr7f3hdcauq52nlkk9j8cpnzewtwauds7urqvfcq

DOGE/Dogecoin: D9a3mERrgYUzz8PJwrDGWuS59fCpeaRCTi

LTC/Litecoin: LetqymCwAWmsiXhEWttwXepoSoDdYYncnj

XZC/Zcoin: a2SXwEjF1FDvc5VcFABkeEzqzaqrdFoa38

ZEC/Zcash : t1bfaazAd4zwHwQ26wW5pZyYvx8fYe9a6Dq

Dash: XvrAqTnHEEiDgaKd4iFuMDu4zivocwchi9

If you want to donate more than £500 you can use the form above to ensure anonymity, or you can contact me for bank transfer details and help us avoid the Stripe fees.

If you aren’t yet a member of Mt Gox Legal and want access to the forum, you will need to join by using the contribution button on the right side of this page to contribute $100/£85.