Survey for Fukuoka-sensei

We are working in tandem with another legal bid to get CR approved by the court. The other legal team has asked us to help by submitting an opinion on CR commencement so he can include it with his submission to the trustee.

Request for cooperatioin with a survey_180407

Our suggestion is to change the wording slightly and to include your claim number.

Here’s what we’d suggest:

My Opinion in Favour of the Decision to Commence Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings.

I am a creditor of Mt Gox in the bankruptcy proceedings. My claim number is [Insert claim number]

Regarding the matter of Mt Gox, I agree that measures should be taken to ensure that monetary claims are paid the full equivalent value of their claim under bankruptcy, if the bankruptcy proceedings are converted to rehabilitation proceedings.

I am strongly of the view that an order to commence Civil Rehabilitation proceedings should be issued promptly.

Please note, that this letter is an opinion and is not legally binding. I reserve all rights as a creditor of Mt Gox.

Date [insert date here]



Please cut and paste it, add your claim number and date, print it, sign it and submit it to [email protected].

If you’re concerned about this gmail account you can look up the law firm and find the Fukuoka-Sensei’s email addresses on their website, but he has set up this gmail address to keep his inbox clear.