Commissioning letter to Sekido, and other news

I’ve written a draft letter highlighting questions, information, and legal approaches raised in the Google group. I’m not going to publish it here in public, but it is now in the Google Group. Title “Commissioning Letter to Sekido”. Please comment on it so I can make sure all valid points are considered.

The IT volunteers, Ben, Neil and Hideki (big thanks to them), are in the process of building a user-friendly and more organised forum for discussion and information sharing for creditors that have contributed. More details on how to log on shortly.

I will continue to manage the Google group as well, but in fairness to those that have contributed, I will not be contributing information and expertise picked up from interactions with the lawyer in the Google group.

A few people have emailed me privately and asked me to keep the window for contributions open until the end of this month to cover their pay day. This seems like a fair request. The rate of contributions has dropped off but we are moving up the totaliser. As previously stated, I will review the situation and give a financial update at the end of this week. (Friday, or the weekend).